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Our First Six Months

In this Blog I’d like to review the progress we’ve made in accomplishing our plans and objectives, since we’re now six months into our two-year term.  You may recall that at Convention and in my first Blog, I described three focus areas that we planned to work aggressively during this administration:  growth, club support, and programming.  Here’s how we’re doing thus far:

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Musings on Volunteerism

One Sunday morning last month I joined a few guys from my Men’s Club plus several other members of my synagogue to put a fresh coat of paint on our Preschool. This was a long-overdue project, and my club had agreed to work with our synagogue’s Buildings and Grounds committee to lead the effort. So picture this……I’m on a ladder with my paint can and brush, paint stains covering my clothes, and along comes my Rabbi to schmooze with the volunteers and see how the work is progressing. When he sees me he exclaims, “Wow! The International President of the FJMC is painting our walls!

Synagogues be in 5 years?

In this thought provoking article by Rabbi Charles Simon,


Yellow Candles

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It's all about intermarriage

In my last blog I discussed the results of the Pew Study and the implications of the reported trends for Jews in America and for Conservative Judaism.  Recently, a new study published by Dr. Theodore Sasson re-analyzed the data collected by the Pew researchers and drew different conclusions in a few key areas, leading to new insights and different directions for Jewish leadership to take to strengthen the Conservative Movement.

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Trends in the U.S. Jewish Population

You’ve probably seen or heard about the results of the recent Survey of U.S. Jews conducted by the Pew Research Center.  (If not, here is a link to an on-line version of the Survey Report:  There has been a spate of articles over the past several days that have tried to make sense of the data, and to draw conclusions and recommendations about what might be done to mitigate the negative trends that were highlighted by the survey.

Symposium A-3 Brainstorming Session


Symposium A3 Notes

The attached document provides notes recorded during the brainstorming session after attending Symposium A with Rabbis HaLevi and Olitzky.

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