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Mindfulness Service

Tefilat HaNeshama



Tefilat HaNeshama

Prayer of the Soul

a Guide to Leading Mindful, Embodied Davening

by Rabbi Daniel Liben

"Prayer helps us grow into the people who we are meant to be."  - Rabbi Dan Liben


All of us are looking for ways to enrich our spiritual lives. Some that find standard religious services fill that need. At times though we seek other ways to nourish our soul.  Rabbi Daniel Liben has developed a mindfulness-based prayer service which we are calling Tefilat HaNeshama / Prayer of the Soul to encourage congregants to develop Jewish prayer as a spiritual practice, supported by parallel practices, including  meditation and chanting.

FJMC is in a unique position to share this service with our synagogues along with the materials, tools, audio files and training to enhance their spiritual offerings and to provide the leadership to implement this initiative.  As we enter a new era, FJMC hopes that by adding a new dimension to the prayer experience, we will at the same time, strengthen the sense of community in our synagogues and ultimately lead to a more robust Conservative/Masorti Movement.

Like a meditation session or a yoga class, morning davening can be a spiritual practice, one that helps us to develop wholeness, healing and compassion in our lives.

We will have professional training at the FJMC International Convention, July 4 - 7, 2019.  This training is for those who are content leading this type of service as well as for those who are more comfortable providing the leadership to work with their clergy to bring this service to their congregations.

  • 4 hours of experiential learning lead by Rabbi Liben and Hazzan Joanna Dulkin, both of whom are alumni of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality
    • Session 1: Why Prayer is Difficult…And How we Know When it is working
    • Session 2: Gratitude and Yearning
    • Session 3: Core Practices: Mindfulness and Chanting
    • Session 4: Embodied Practice: Making “Sense” of Prayer
  • 3 hours of practical experience during morning minyanim
  • Attendees will be certified as trained facilitators
  • There will be follow-up with video conferences after convention to share best practices and experiences.

Why attend? Find new meaning and personal growth for your own neshama (soul).

Why attend? YOU can be an instrument for change in your community.

For answers regarding the mindfulness service, contact

Sign up for this program will be through our convention registration system.